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Sound slaughter at the Slaughterhouse


DJ Shirkan & Sammy K

Safari Sound - DJ Shirkan & Sammy K

Tired. Home from Club Gully Creepin’ @ the Stockholm Slakthuset only six hours ago and already at work… punishing. But last night, my premiere visit to Slakthuset, was truly rewarding. A converted slaughterhouse, the club holds three dancefloors and bars, letting three acts fill the house simultaneously without spilling over to each other. Massive.
Big ups to all acts. Safari Sound, Stereo Steppers and German Sentinel Sound had the Dancehall floor cooking. I missed out on the Caribinghi show. DnB star Seba rocked the smaller floor in the company of Irk, Systematic and Limbz, while Cali Crew and Suntanas dropped rap stuf on the third. Crazy Fresh Tattoo were performing live ink art on paying customers.
Had I been 25 again I would have brought my best squeeze instead of waking her up with the smell of Red Stripe and cigarettes on my breath.
Special big up to DJ Shirkan & Sammy K of Safari Sound. And thanks for the beer, mates!