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Weh de cops dem?


Last night I was awakened by a burglar trying to break into my building. I went down alone to chase him away; obviously none of my neighbors had taken any notice. The bloke wandered off under mumbled excuses about getting all soaked in the rain, and aching feet, and…
Since I knew I wouldn’t sleep I decided to put on my pork pie and take a look see if the burglar tried another front door. Of course he did, going from door to door round our little square, inserting his screwdriver and prying. I called the law and they said they would send a car. After 10 minutes I couldn’t see him, but an alarm went off and suddenly he scrambled out through a window. I called the law again and they showed up about a quarter of an hour later, taking my statement, and probably losing the thief in the dark streets.
25 minutes to reach a central city address on a blooming Monday night? A few days earlier there was a reggae concert in my local venue, and my streets where swarming with police, without any reported crime. Draw your conclusions as I drew mine.

Kapten Röd headlined the show. Check the Captain: