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Finland rocks!


Licensed Jimi Hendrix Hat

What is it about Finland, this tiny nation of a thousand lakes? Is it something in the water, sauna and myth that makes the poeple turn out fantastic music?

To travesty the great Jamaican poet Dillinger: Finland, land of wood and water, motor vehicle and ear slaughter.

I will drop some names. Sibelius; need I say more? The screaming choir Mieskuoro Huutajat, the phenomenally productive guitarist Jukka Tolonen from monster fusionists Tasavallan Presidentti and his own band, the mad men of Leningrad Cowboys, hard rocking HIM, Nightwish, Hanoi Rocks and The Rasmus.

I don’t get it. It really is a small country where they speak a language of incredibly complicated grammar, a language belonging to an extremely small group of languages. And yet they rock hard.

I sold a licensed Jimi Hendrix hat this Saturday. One Hasse Walli from Finland phoned and said he was in Stockholm, and could he see me about the hat? Mr Walli showed up on my doorstep and proved to be another professional Finnish musician. Next year he will celebrate 50 years of stage life.

He tried the hat on and bought it, while telling me he’d seen Jimi live in Finland twice, the first time in 1967. He showed me his website and gave me his latest DVD as a gift.

After Hasse Walli left I put on his DVD and started going through his extensive web site, I suggest you do the same, and add YouTube to it. What I found was a truly versatile guitarist/singer playing the blues, jazz, Senegalese pop, progressive and soul stuff. I don’t know, maybe I should take the Hendrix hat down from the Soul Shack’s offer, I may have sold one to the rightest person ever. I lift my pork pie to Mr Hasse Walli and give you his rendering of Jimi Hendrix Voodoo Chile from the DVD “Live at the Lakeside Festival 2009″. You can buy it from his site. Do it.
And Mr Walli, if you read this, fan and friend Henrik Bäckström sends his regards.

Hasse Walli – Voodoo Chile from Pork Pie People on Vimeo.

Hasse Walli, Photgrapher: Leif Laaksonen Copyright©2006

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  1. I miss Jimi Hendrix guitar ;/