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Dâm-Funk killed club Fasching in Stockholm


Dâm-Funk and Master-Blazter killed me opening the show last night in Stockholm, only to have me resurrected on the third bar. I stayed lively for the rest of the night, as did the whole club. Actually, Club Fasching was jumping and sweating, and I kept wondering how a trio could make such a rich sound.
J1 delivered a steaming drum solo and Computer Jay offered a long 8-bit solo that had the crowd cheering and jumping. Dâm-Funk sang and shouted, alternately riding and driving the backing. At one stage Dâm-Funk and J1 seemlessly changed behind the drums.

Big up to the DJs for the great classic funk tracks they threw at us for warmers, many of which at least I hadn’t heard since they were new.
And kudos to Flaco Productions for bringing this on.