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Thawing with Fresh Fox & Kayobi


I set out for my usual late night walk around midnight yesterday. After a chilly but beautiful day it was ¤&(%& snowing again! This morning patches of snow still lay on the sidewalks like mould. Viking on no viking, I still hate the snow, especially this time of year. I have had my bike out for a coupla weeks already, but on days like these it has to idle in the garage.
On the upside of things are my new tees from British designers Fresh Fox Apparel and Kayobi Clothing. The cocky fox image on the longsleeved tee from Fresh Fox goes perfectly with my biker leathers and the peace message from Kayobi makes people I meet smile. After all, spring means thaw, and our undervests are transforming into statement tees. I thaw with Fresh Fox and Kayobi.